Why Your Business Needs a Blogger Event

Events are nothing new when it comes to marketing your business, and the days of unimaginative, unengaging, boring events are definitely a thing of the past. These days events are bigger and better than ever.

They’re extravaganzas to show everyone why their business is the best out there, because if there’s anything that truly sticks in an event attendees mind then it’s an experience.

You don’t need to be a particular type of business either to host an event, even the most corporate of businesses still like to have fun and more importantly have a message to share. Simply putting your business away in box that reads ‘we don’t do events’ results in you shutting yourself away from both your existing and untapped audience.

I’ve attended many events over the years, as well as performed at them so I like to think I know what makes an event really stand out. For me, the ones that stick in my mind are the ones with the best entertainment schedules and have that special WOW factor.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s all about the experience you want guests to have and the message you want them to take away after the lights have gone up. These are two of the most important factors you need to consider when hosting an event, yes events are a chance to show off but they still need to remain functional in what you wish to achieve so identify the key things you want guests to takeaway.

Events are a lot of hard work, so getting the guest list right is essential to ensure your hard work doesn’t go amiss. This isn’t the time to round up your family and friends, especially if numbers are tight, whilst their support to you is beneficial, it won’t always add value to your business.

Instead, look to influencers, bloggers and journalists in your industry and make sure they are in the right place, at the right time to see your business flourish.

Bloggers not only enrich your event but increase the credibility of you and your business too, through the trust they have with their readership, this credibility then passes on to your business.

After all, if your business and event resonates with them, then it’s likely it’ll resonate with their audience to.

Post-event coverage is a great way to help promote your business and share whatever message you want to be promoted. Naturally and rightly so, bloggers will express their true opinions when it comes to sharing your event, so confidence in your event and business is a must when inviting bloggers to attend.

No positive review can be guaranteed, but inviting bloggers relevant to your event and business can go a long way in making the relationship a positive one. Bloggers are an incredibly valuable source to your business, so take the time to build up a good rapport and set goals of what you both want from the partnership.

The blogger, event relationship is one some businesses don’t always turn their attention to but it can be a relationship worth its weight in gold.