Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

Weddings are often magical for the bride, the groom and the families, but what about those the guests. Sometimes guests can be left waiting around with no real direction or idea of what to do next. This is where a wedding magician comes in handy.

The Photoshoot

Just after the ceremony, the bride and groom will normally have their photos taken. This can leave the guests moving on to the reception venue, or if the ceremony is all happening at one venture, the guests can be left waiting around.

This is a perfect opportunity for a wedding magician as they can either greet the guests at the reception or keep the guests amused whilst the bride and groom are getting their photos taken to remember their special day. This is where Oliver B is able to grab the attention of the guests. This is also a perfect way to get people who have never met interacting with each other.

At the Table

At most weddings, there is usually at least one table where no one really knows each other. It can be a sticky situation for anyone if they have been forced to communicate with people they have never met before. This is where a wedding magician comes in handy.

A wedding magician is the perfect way to break the ice. After all, everyone loves magic. Oliver B is able to engage the whole table at once, creating a topic which they can all bond over, allowing the opportunity for further communication. Therefore you won’t have to worry about who is sitting on what table, just let Oliver do the work and your guests will be amazed in minutes.

Evening Entertainment

In the evening, people often get up and dance. But not every one is the dancing type and no one can stay on the dance floor all night. Therefore a wedding magician is able to entertain the guests whether they’re just not the dancing type or whether they’re just trying to catch their breathe.

You can fit a wedding magician in throughout the whole day. It will ensure that everyone is entertained throughout the day and any possible waiting times seem reduced. As well as it allowing you to put a bunch of people that have never met on a table – perfect.

Why Hire Oliver B As Your Wedding Magician?

Fantastic Testimonials

Oliver B has performed all around the world, meeting some very famous people who only deal with the best. Oliver B has received fantastic testimonials from the likes of Simon Cowell, Roger Federer and Jon Bon Jovi.

Extra Spark

Oliver B loves providing that little extra spark that some weddings just need to take it to the next level. Oliver makes sure everyone is mixing and mingling at the wedding venue even if they’ve never met before.

Every Wedding is Different

Oliver recognises that no two weddings are the same therefore he is able to tailor his act to the wedding that you have organised, making sure every audience is catered for. If you have any specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact Oliver.

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