What Type Of London Magician Do You Want?

If you’re a magician virgin (never hired the services of a Magician in London before) then you would be forgiven for thinking that all magicians are the same and do the same tricks. However, this is not strictly true, most magicians specialise in certain areas but only the best magicians (like Oliver B) are able to offer a whole host of magician services.

So first up we have the close-up magician in London, this is a magician who is able to perform magic with cards, coins and borrowed objects while standing just a few feet in front of you.

Then there is the London Table Magician, this is the sort of magician that’s great for weddings, parties and sit down events. A Table Magician can move from table to table while your guests are between meals, fascinating them with the sleight of hand tricks he or she has on offer.

Although the wedding magician and corporate magician are similar, you will find that the style in which the trickery is completed is varied from one event to another. Hiring Oliver B as a wedding magician in London will not only involve the bride and groom, but tricks will be aimed at all ages ensuring that your Gran right through to your toddling niece are entertained.

However, by hiring him as a Corporate Magician in London there would be more conversation about the event, you may be able to involve a brand logo or a product the company sells for example – all to ensure that your corporate event stands out from the crowd.

If you are looking for magicians in London that can cover all these areas then you really need to contact Oliver B, a jack and a master of all trades!