What Is So Great About A Close-Up Magician in London?

The great thing about a Close-Up Magician in London is that they are able to go over to a group of complete strangers and within minutes makes them at ease and make them laugh as a magic trick or illusion is completed.

The close-up magic offered by Oliver B Magic is a mixture of mind-reading, sleight of hand, some funny one liners, interaction with the guests and a sprinkling of magic and glitter to help the event to be a success.

You can often see magic tricks on the television, but it is nothing like seeing magic for real, in front of your very eyes with things you can touch yourself, you can also see that there is no film camera trickery taking place. With an up-close magician in London, like Oliver B you can see that everything is as it appears to be, but still not quite possible.

Seeing an excellent magician up close completing an amazing magic trick or magical illusions will blow your mind!