What Is Magic?

This might sound like a stupid question, but it’s still not entirely defined. The beauty of it is that it never will be! Throughout the ages, magic has meant loads of different things. In popular culture, we have access to it throughout a range of stories and myths which are still in circulation today from times gone by. For example, we’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials. Back then, people who didn’t even claim to be ‘magical’ in the slightest were religiously persecuted, for fear that they’d somehow tempted to supernatural and gone against God.

Thankfully, these days, magic is much more light hearted and fun! People of all backgrounds can enjoy a bit a ‘magic’ and there’s no harm or risk of getting into trouble for practicing it, or any kind of trickery and illusion (at least in the West!). There’s no chance Oliver B is getting burned at the stake, so that’s pretty good news. We do still have popular culture references which refer to spells, and the Harry Potter series has become one of the most beloved children’s’ series for people of all ages of all time! People are accepting these things as fun and fascinating, woven into the fabric of our culture, as a break from the norm.

Spells, however, aren’t really the order of the day for a modern magician. Illusion is of course used, but when you hire a magician like Oliver B, you’re not really going to get much of the old ‘abracadabra’, and none of JK Rowling’s beloved characters are going to jump out at you. There’s also no creepy voodoo, or witches stirring a cauldron. It’s not even got roots in any kind of ‘beliefs’ or anything like that. Nope, when you hire Oliver B, you’re just getting straight up intrigue and excitement.

With contemporary additions including an IPad, tricks involving your mobile phone, and plenty of card tricks and mind reading thrown in for good measure, Oliver B’s personal brand of magic these days is kind of the traditional crowd-pleasing stuff you might expect, but with a pretty huge twist. With the backdrop of some of the world’s coolest settings to enjoy him in, you’ll be amazed, time after time. His repertoire is varied and modern, so you’ll honestly not be able to predict any of it. It’s guaranteed you’ll walk away genuinely shocked.

So, what is magic? To be honest, it’s anything that impresses you to the point that you can’t quite figure out how it’s done…. And that’s the way it should stay!

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