What Is A Close-Up Magician?

The title ‘Close-Up Magician’ is a very open term that can cover numerous different types of magicians, so in this article we very briefly explain what you can expect from a close-up magician / up-close magician, a walk-around / walk-about magician, a table magician and a sleight of hand magician.

A Close-Up / Up-Close Magician is one who works in full view of the audience, this is not a magician on a large stage chopping someone in half, but instead, as the title says, it is a magician that works ‘up-close’. All the following magicians are forms of up-close magicians.

A walk-around / walk-about magician tends to be a magician that mingles with the guests at a cocktail party or event where guests are stood around chatting; sometimes walk-about magicians are used while photos are being taken at weddings. They work as a distraction to guests.

A Table Magician is a magician that completes magic illusions or tricks at the table, entertaining the whole table at once. This type of magician tends to be seen at large banquets, weddings or other formal dinners.

Then you have the sleight of hand magician, these magicians can offer table magic or walk-about magic and after many years of training and performing you will wonder how on earth the sleight of hand was involved!

If you would like a certain style of magic for your event then give me a call and we can run through the style of magic you require for your event, and how I can help you.