The magical art of stage presence

Alongside their menagerie of tricks and illusions every magician has a persona. They often appear as charismatic eccentrics, beloved by all, who impress the audience with their wit and charm as much as they do their seemingly supernatural talents.

However, like the magic itself, stage presence is something which is perfected over numerous shows and rehearsals. A magician needs every trick up his sleeve, so to speak, in order to captivate an audience and his personality is one of them.

The truly great magicians wield their persona like one of their tricks. It is commonly no more than another illusion but like a good actor, he must own his role. Ultimately, his tricks are only as believable as he is, a rising number of close up magicians in London are taking on reserved, quietly polite personas. Why? Because any tricks they perform seem all the more fantastic having come from such a normal, unassuming individual.

On the other hand, there are those who are charismatic and loud, frequently bantering with audiences and making them laugh. This method seemingly makes their tricks seem all the more amazing as they perform them with a casual ease which borders on the blasé.

Ultimately, the magician has to come across as knowledgeable and passionate about his art, in doing so he will enthuses the audience who will invest their whole attention into the show.