The Magic Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a pretty magical city, there’s no two ways about it. Whether you’re there to gamble your life away (hopefully not literally!), see a show, party on a stag or hen night, or even just explore the grown-up playground, it’s quite unlike anywhere else! You can quite easily get lost in this crazy American city.

As a destination, Las Vegas captivates so many of us. You can get away with a lifestyle that you just couldn’t elsewhere. It’s not unheard of to start drinking at 10am, for example. In fact, it’s encouraged! Drinks tend to be free when you’re at the all-hours, world-famous casinos, too, so you’re not losing out (not that way, at least!) It’s also an excuse to dress up, win money, and enjoy all kinds of foods, usually all-you-can-eat. What’s not to love?

With the heat, gloriously extravagant hotels and of course, the debauchery that goes on (come on, we’ve all seen The Hangover!), it can be hard to think about anything serious going on there. However, it really does! People take to Vegas with business conferences, sporting events, musical extravaganzas and more. But why?

Put simply, with everything Vegas has to offer – from its style, its class (and sometimes lack of it!), and fun, it’s the best place to entertain delegates and extraordinaires the world over. There’s so much more than just the casinos, the food and drink – and whilst they’re brilliant, you need something to go alongside it all to give a broader experience. As for where Oliver B comes into it? Well, what better place for him to go than a truly magical city where anything goes?

The New Year brings exciting things for this London magician – who isn’t strictly just London based anymore! For January, Oliver will be delivering his truly world class, international magic to esteemed poker players, in the heart of the action. There’s really no cooler place for it!

As you might imagine, there are poker faces to uphold, and so the details are all super hushed up. It’s not open to the public this time! However, whilst the players will be a tough crowd and may not show any emotion (are we being too clichéd?!), we just know that they’ll love his unique brand of illusion and spectacle. If you’ve seen Oliver work his magic (literally) for yourself, you’ll know he can impress anyone, and we don’t think these guys will be the exception.

After all, poker player have secrets, and things they keep under wraps – just like him.

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