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We have a look at what we think are some of the greatest magic tricks of all time. Whether you’re a top London magician or whether you’re just learning the tricks of the trade, you have to admire the dedication that these magicians have put in to their tricks. If you would like to view the tricks that we are listing below, click on the title of the trick.

Sawn in Half

David Copperfield saws himself in half in this truly gripping act. The Death Saw is presented as an escape gone wrong. David is tied down with various chains to a table and enclosed in a box beneath a huge saw. The saw then slowly lowers towards David as the sides of the box fall away it reveals him struggling to escape from the table. Finally after David has struggled to escape the saw drops straight through him, appearing to saw him in half. The table along with David is now in two halves which are rolled apart so the audience are able to see the two separate halves of him. David then appears to reverse the whole process with the body coming back together, the saw rises and the box closes. The final part of the trick is where David emerges without a scratch on him.

Frozen Alive

Back in 2000, David Blaine attempted a stunt that he called “Frozen in Time”. David Blaine put himself in a huge block of ice wearing just light clothing. There was a small pocket of air which would stop him from freezing to death along with a tube which would supply him with enough air and water to survive and another tube to remove his urine. He managed to stay inside the box of ice just 63 hours before being removed after a chainsaw cut a hole in the ice. He was immediately rushed to hospital as his medical team feared that he could be in shock due to the change of environment. Blaine’s record was finally beaten ten years after by Hezi Dayan, who spent 64 hours in a block of ice.

Making the Statue of Liberty Disappear

Back to David Copperfield and that time he appeared to make the Statue of Liberty simply disappear. Copper has a live audience as well as the illusion being broadcasted on TV. He puts a huge curtain up on Liberty Island making sure that the live audience or the tv audience could no longer see the Statue of Liberty. He then lowers the curtain a few seconds later and all of a sudden there is no Statue of Liberty, just an empty space where it once stood. A helicopter was over the empty space to give an aerial shot of the illusion, which now just showed the circle of lights that would normally surround the Statue of Liberty. To prove that the Statue had actually gone, David puts two search lights straight through the area that the Statue used to stand, to prove there was nothing in the way or any mirrors.

Catching Bullets

This trick is seen as one of the most dangerous tricks any magician has ever performed. Penn and Teller famously performed this trick, as they appear to shoot each other they both catch the bullets fired in their mouths, leaving the audience amazed and wondering how they pulled it off. They got the audience to sign the bullets to prove that the bullets had not been swapped for different ones before the trick took place.The guns that the two magicians are using have been equipped with a laser sight to add to the suspense.

Swallowing a Jackhammer

Thomas Blackthorne swallowed a jackhammer live on television. Swallowing a jackhammer is considered to be his signature act and theirs is literally no explanation on how he could possible do this and walk away unharmed. The trick went live on the German TV show ‘Clever! – Die Show, die Wissen schafft’. He left everyone gobsmacked as he swallowed a sword, drilled through his tongue before finally swallowing a jackhammer.

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