Table Magician

A table magician is similar to a close up magician as the magic is still performed within a metre or two of the audience and the audience are able to get involved with the magic. The idea of table magic is that the magician goes from table to table performing magic as entertainment.


Table magic is much more intimate than most other types of magic. The audience are no more than a couple of metres away and which allows the audience to get involved with the trick and become engaged with the magic, which makes for a much more memorable experience.

A Range of Events

Table magic can be performed at a range of events. At a wedding, a party, a corporate event and with the magic being performed right in front of your eyes, there can be no denying you are witnessing something special.

table magician london

Oliver B – Table Magician London

Oliver B is a well known table magician who has performed around the world at a range of different events. Oliver has a unique twist on magic as well as a charismatic personality which allows him to connect to your audience, getting them involved and engaged.

Who Knows Who

When organising a party or event that requires a table, you are often in a sticky situation when it comes to placing people on the right tables. You don’t want people feeling stranded because they are on a table of people they have never met before. This is where Oliver B can help. Oliver is able to bring people together by getting them involved with his magic, even if they have never met before. Magic and Oliver B create a great talking point as well as being the perfect ice breaker for those who have never met.

“Is he human?” – Tinchy Stryder

table magician london

Oliver B – Table Magician London

Hire Oliver B

Great magicians are hard to come by, that’s why Oliver has travelled all over the world to perform for all kinds of people, including Roger Federer, Paris Hilton and even Simon Cowell. If you want a truly unforgettable event full of magic, hire Oliver B.