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What is close up magic?

Close-up magic is a stage show without the stage – it is performed in an intimate setting with the audience usually being no further than a couple of metres away. The best thing about this type of magic is that it can be performed at any venue, even on the street.

Involving the Audience

Great for events, close-up magic allows the audience to get actively involved rather than just passively watching someone on TV or on stage. Whilst watching magic from a distance, there is often a feeling of falseness, which leaves the audience questioning whether the magic is just a camera trick.

When the magic is performed right in front of you and you are getting involved in the show, there’s no question that what you’re experiencing is something truly special.

close up magician london

Oliver B – A Top Close Up Magician in London

Oliver B is able to bring events to life with his awesome magic, leaving guests astounded and astonished. Oliver has perfected the art of magic thanks to his approachable personality and unique twist on magic, making the perfect recipe for a close-up magician for London and UK wide events.

With A Growing Reputation

Close-up magic is still seen as a relatively new addition to the world of magic, but with traditional stage magic on the decline, it is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, quality close-up magicians are in high demand, explaining why Oliver has travelled all over the world to perform at different events.

“You just made my day” – Jon Bon Jovi

close up magician london

Want to know more?

If you’re looking to hire a close up magician that leaves jaws on the floor, then Oliver B is the magician for you. Having performed all over the world at parties, and special events for businesses, awards and celebrities, you’re guaranteed star quality.

Hire Oliver B for close up magic for your event, in London or around the UK. Please get in touch today for more information.