Restoring The Magic After Christmas

Let’s face it: we all build up to December for months and months and months and then… boom. Christmas has been and gone and we’re all left feeling a little… deflated. For some people (unless they have a birthday or something), January can feel like the worst month ever as it brings weeks until payday, cold weather, and no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. Sound depressing? It can be. But there are still plenty of ways you can inject a little bit of happiness into your life at this time of year!

Of course, when you’re broke, you have to sacrifice some of the finer things in life. That can mean sitting around all day, bored out of your mind, or it can mean doing some things you haven’t thought about in a while. Reconnecting with your family and loved ones, or going on a health kick are really popular ones at this time of year. Exercise brings an all-round more positive outlook to individuals, too, so it shouldn’t be ignored!

In all honesty, there are some of us who, despite piling on the pounds over the holidays, are horrified by the very idea of having to go for a jog or something – not when they already have to face going back to work. Ugh. So for them, putting some joy into this time of year might seem trickier. If you love food so much, why not take January to learn to cook a few more recipes? If you’re usually throwing cash at Pret and McDonald’s (why?) then maybe now’s the time to save money and (and calories) with some tasty treats of your own.

We’ll level with you. When you put all that to paper, it can seem like it’s really not all that exciting after all. Luckily, Oliver B’s magic act can make even the most jaded January despiser smile. The best part is that he performs every Tuesday at London’s W Hotel near Leicester Square, and it’s absolutely free to get in! You’ll want to buy a cocktail (or two, or three… who’s judging?), but other than that, you can be prepared to be amazed absolutely free of charge. Just what you need when it’s frightful outside and you’re miserable as hell.

So, for your January treat, head down to the capital and see a true London magician work his magic… quite literally.

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