Bringing Your Performance Together

As a magician, your words are just as important as your tricks.

Here’s a top tip for any close-up magicians in London or beyond who are just starting out: What you say during your tricks and performance is just as important as the magic tricks. Having said that, obviously you would struggle to assume the crowd without any magic tricks but after you have mastered the trick, the next stage is mastering the act.

Anyone can learn a magic trick, it is how you perform it that really makes you stand out from the crowd and gets you noticed.

The first thing that you have to think about is creating scripts for your tricks. Although this may sound strange, you would be surprised at how many magicians follow strict scripts whilst performing their tricks. You need to consider what you are going to say when you are performing. Many magicians have acts that are purely set to music, which is impressive enough but it doesn’t really make you stand out from the crowd. There are very few magicians that have the skill level and stage presence to get away with doing an entire show without speaking. We believe that the audience will have a hard time warming to you if you do not speak. So, what can you say?

The first thing to do is to start small. Choose your three favourite or your best magic tricks and use those to make a show. Each three individual tricks will need their own little script so if you practice working on the script one trick at a time then this is a good start. After you feel you have perfected the script of each trick you need to start performing them back to back, so you get a good feel of how the tricks go together and which order you should perform them in. Now, this is the hard bit, you have to make your performance as fluid as possible, try and write some dialogue for in between the tricks that will hopefully link them all together, this gives a much more professional feel to the performance. Remember, you also need to think of a beginning and an ending to your show.

None of these scripts has to be very long. Short, snappy and to the point is ideal.

Close Up Magician in London

Oliver B – Close Up Magician in London

Writing a Script?

The main reason for right a script is so that the performance comes across professionally like you have actually put a lot of time and effort into learning your magic. A well-polished performance is much more amusing for the audience rather than one where there are plenty of umms and errs in between sentenced. It isn’t very entertaining for the audience if you keep forgetting what you need to say to make the trick work.

It is a good idea to do some research into this, have a look at what your favourite magicians do and see if you can get any inspiration. Once you have mastered it you will start to see that your script acts as a prompt for your magic, you don’t make the movement until the words set you up for it. World class magicians are so good at this and they will use their words and body language to misdirect you, making it easier for them to fool you!

Umms and Errs

It is important to eliminate all of the umms and errs out of your performance. Umms and errs make the audience think that you don’t know what is coming next and that your not in control of your own performance, which could make them lose interest in your performance.

When you first start to learn your script you are obviously going to have lots of umms and errs as it is natural. The key is to eliminate them before you perform in front of large audiences, especially if you are charging them to see your act. If you are really struggling with eliminating these from your performance then try and replace them with pauses, sometimes saying nothing and leaving a longer pause in between sentences is much better than an umm or an err. Learn your trick so well that you can perform it without even concentrating on it, this allows you to fully concentrate on the way you deliver it to the audience, you are able to think about what you say, how you are standing and whether your smiling!

Practice Makes Perfect

It is going to be very hard to perfect your act and it is going to take a lot of hard work and effort. But if you want to be a great magician then you have to be prepared to put in this hard work, it will really make you stand out from the average magicians. It is going to take some serious hard work, but you can do it!

close up magician in london

Oliver B – Close Up Magician in London

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