Our love/hate relationship with magic

Many people have been dumbfounded by the spectacle that is magic. The ridiculous theatrics; the enigmatic performers and of course the spellbinding trickery, all never fail to capture the imagination. Like a well-acted film, you’ll find yourself glued to the screen as the gripping drama unfolds right in front of your eyes. A great magic show will emulate this.

From a young age we are bemused by the wonder of the world and all its seemingly magical qualities. We are entranced by the sheer grandiosity that is life itself. Magic encapsulates this inherent wonder and endeavours to push the boundaries of making the unconceivable conceivable.

A favourite kind of magic is hypnotism, because it seemingly goes beyond the realms of magic and into the field of psychology. The “supernatural” ability to bend a person to your will is something that blurs the lines of human control and our ability to self-regulate. Having watched reams of television shows on hypnotism audiences are always been left awestruck (and perplexed) at the seemingly blasé fashion in which a magician can hypnotise a seemingly well rounded human being into acting like a monkey or barking like a dog.

You may have heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat” and Magic apart from being incredibly impressive can be incredibly infuriating. After the curtains closes, many people frazzle their brains trying to figure out the method behind the magical madness. This is where some people’s hate for magic stems from.

You might think “hate” is a strong word for something supposed to bring happiness, but the worldly aura of magic is something that you can’t so easily ignore. When you are being shown a card trick for example most people will literally scrutinise every action so that they don’t miss a thing! More often than not, they get duped just like everyone else.

That said magic will always be a staple of entertainment. Even the most established crop of magicians on the block are more than willing to push the mystical boat out. Oliver B  is one of those characters, his up close and personal style of magic is as unique as it is astounding.

As aforementioned our relationship with magic stems from a young age. From movies to music, clothing to charms our affinity for alchemy knows no bounds.  Maybe our love for magic has a more philosophical meaning? The need for there to be a greater power than ourselves? Whatever the reason, magic will signify (to me) a sense of the wondrous unknown.

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