A Not So New, New Year’s Resolution

The new year is a time that many people decide to make resolutions to improve themselves. Some achievable and some a little more challenging, but I always applaud those that try and give it a go no matter how long they last.
But this year rather than set myself a goal and focus heavily on achieving it, I’m going to advise everyone to take an alternative route and just make the most out of every opportunity the year ahead will provide.
When I look back at how far I’ve come, from doing close up magic in pubs and clubs, to now performing for celebrities and prestigious brands across the world, if I had set myself this task when I first started out, it would have probably overwhelmed me, and by not achieving it quick enough I would have become disheartened and perhaps left it to one side.
What I believe people should really focus on is the things they’ve managed to do or achieve without really knowing.
By keeping a note of everything you’ve done this year you may be surprised at exactly what you’ve experienced and the achievements you’ve gained, without getting stressed or worried that you’d never meet the mark in the first place.
Looking back on my 2015 I was lucky enough to have travelled around the globe performing close-up magic at celebrity weddings and corporate events. The UK may be my home, but when the magic calls it can literally take me anywhere. And this is how you should be for your 2016.
Don’t just say no or maybe, embrace the ‘yes’ person and see what happens, you could find yourself having the time of your life at the W Hotel watching me perform, or enjoying a cocktail on an exotic island somewhere.
If there’s one thing that magic has taught me it’s that you have to go out there and grab those opportunities.
Even if nobody is asking you why don’t you take the responsibility of giving yourself an epic year. Book that holiday or your dreams or invite me along to do some close-up magic at your party.
Make your year memorable, and of course magic!