A Month In The Life Of A Magician…

What does a magician do? If you’d have asked me ten years ago, I’d have been able to answer at least somewhat confidently. I thought what everyone else probably did – and what some still do now! You know… that old cliché. They stand around, looking awkward, pulling a few rabbits out of hats for some disgruntled children, and then everyone goes home after feigning being impressed. Of course, I knew there were one or two ‘good ones’. But I really had no idea of the scale. Since becoming a magician, I have seen and done some really, really cool things. Cast aside any and all illusions (no pun intended) of anything cringe worthy – life as a magician, if you’re prepared to work hard, is awesome.

Just this month, I’ve performed my regular spot at the W Hotel, as well as a huge celebrity wedding and more. The wedding was that of Gary Lucy, star of basically everything British that you can possibly think of, ever. Okay, so there are a few exceptions there. But he’s still a huge deal! He married his gorgeous bride, Natasha, at an amazing celebration in the prestigious Knightsbridge Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. I was privileged to entertain the guests, alongside Britain’s Got Talent act La Voix and some dancers, too.

Image courtesy of: http://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/gary-lucy-planning-honeymoon-baby

The last weekend of the month brought even more incredible opportunities for me, entertaining some senior directors, executives and car designers for McLaren at the Shangri La Hotel in London’s Shard. I also popped down to Floridita (where I used to have my residency!) for a repeat Christmas party (because they just loved me so much!) Finally, I also went to a private house party and a wedding.

There’s so much going on, and there isn’t a jelly, ice cream or terrible ‘glamourous assistant’ in sight. I think people can often be surprised when you tell them you’re a magician, but the reality of what I actually do is so far removed from what people expect, that I love to change their views.

If you want to see what I can do for yourself, make sure to head down to the incredible Wyld Bar every Tuesday evening. You can get a taste of the style I go for, and be (hopefully!) pleasantly surprised for yourself. And, if you want to book me for your next event, this is a definite possibility – just get in touch.