What Makes Magic So Popular?

For many years, magic has managed to remain a vital form of entertainment. In amongst the former Golden Era favourites like grand illusions and big stage shows, right through to today’s new wave of magicians with arena tours and TV appearances, there is one common thread that connects them all – an enduring love of all things magical.

magician-magicAs one of the best magicians London has to offer, Oliver B is well-versed in his craft. An expert in magic, Oliver has many years’ experience of performing a wide variety of different types of magic. From close-up magic and street magic to performances for weddings and corporate events, whatever your requirements, Oliver B is the perfect magician for you.

“How did they do that?”

But while we may know that magic continues to be as popular as ever, what makes it stay such a favourite?

The best magic is all about impressing and astounding an audience. It’s about escapism (sometimes literally!) and challenging the conventions of reality, breaking the norms of what can and can’t be done. Whether you are open-minded and welcome the thrill of witnessing an awe-inspiring magic trick, or you remain sceptical about magicians, you can’t deny that there is nothing quite like seeing a brilliant piece of magic first-hand.

It’s always exciting to wonder and puzzle about how the amazing magic trick you’ve just witnessed was pulled off – part of the fun of a magician is all wrapped up in trying to figure out just how they did it! The concept of magic is simple, insofar as it shows us things that our brain considers cannot possibly happen, despite the fact that we just saw the trick in front of our own eyes.

Talent and Freshness

When performed well, magic has the capability to amaze and astound, wowing audiences and giving us goosebumps for all the right reasons! The most talented magicians truly are in a league of their own. No matter whether it is magicians in London, across the country or overseas, there truly is nothing else quite like seeing the work of a gifted magician for yourself.

As these exceptional magicians continue to adapt their acts and evolve their craft, these fresh ideas never cease to keep on creating jaw-dropping experiences for audiences. While it’s unlikely that the classic tricks and old staples will ever fall out of favour, it is the most innovative magicians who will continue to push the boundaries of the ever-changing face of magic.

Embrace the popularity of magic and keep its spirit alive for another generation. To enquire about availability and booking Oliver B for your event, please get in touch.