Magician Mistruths

When I perform I am often told that I am not like ‘most magicians’ in London and I often wonder what they mean by that, of course not being like the other Magicians in London is a good thing, that means I stand out from the crowds and I am able to offer something different (and better) than other magicians.

But this statement has made me aware of some mistruths or presumptions of magicians, so I am going to enlighten you on these mistruths now so you know what to expect when you see a Magician in London;

“Magicians are old men, with bald heads, big beards and dodgy capes”

This is not always the case, I have a full head of hair, I’m young and I wear some very sharp suits. I definitely do not wear dodgy capes or have a long grey beard.

“But Magicians are just for kids!”

This is not the case at all and if you think this then you have never seen a good magician’s performance, the way he or she leaves a group of adults in awe of the magic. Everyone likes magic when it is performed well.

“Hiring a magician is so expensive”

This is also not true, give me a call and you will be surprised at the services I offer for such a good value price.

“Nobody Likes Magicians”

Not true at all, many people do not like rubbish magicians but I have never met anyone who does not like a good magician, in fact they are often left speechless by the performance they have seen.

“A Magicians hand is quicker than the eye!”

Okay, that one is true… you caught me out there! But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Let’s make it our little secret!

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