7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Magician at Your New Year’s Party

Planning a New Year’s party is a huge commitment and sometimes it can be difficult to think of the right things to ensure that everybody is entertained and has a good time. If you haven’t considered having a magician at this year’s party, then maybe it’s time to do so. Why? Check out our top seven reasons to hire a party magician in London below.

A Special Twist

No one even has to know that there is a magician present. Disguised as another guest within the crowd, ask them to approach guests to bedazzle them with a simple card trick which will most likely draw a crowd and curiosity will run high. This is a fantastic conversation starter for guests that have not previously met and are standing close by. Such a great way for your friends to make new connections which makes future meetings a lot less hassle!

A Party to Remember

I can’t remember the last time I went to a party with a magician. I love magic, of course I do, but there is something very special about surprising your guests with a different type of entertainment. A good magician will bring the most innovative tricks but also some of the classics to the party and will wow your guests, even the most sceptical ones! Bring the magic to life to make it one to remember.

Unlock Your Inner Child

One thing I love about Christmas and New Year is how magical it is. No matter how young or old, everyone is talking about Father Christmas and wondering whether we’ve been good enough this year for him to bring us something special as well as a never-ending list of New Year’s resolutions, some new and some old. Magic awakens creativity and gets the brain working. Logic and rationality thrive in our daily life but people can’t help believing in supernatural forces, luck and magic. Children of all ages are fascinated by magic tricks and they can help to stimulate imaginative thinking.  The mind focuses on one stimuli at a time which is also a great way to unwind and forget about stress for just a short period. Your mind will thank you for it. Why not let the child in you live for just one night?

An Escape From Overindulgence

The Christmas period is very indulgent. Treats start to come out and three meals a day are a thing of the past, but New Year’s parties are particularly bad for overindulging. There’s always great food, cocktails, champagne, pretty much anything you can think of and it’s so easy to drink too much wine and eat too many pigs in blankets. A short round of magic tricks is a great way to avoid overindulging. Whilst your focus is on the trick in hand, you will be too busy to pick anything up or grab that extra glass of bubbly. As the organiser, it will also give you a chance to scout around and remove any empties whilst your guests are entertained.

Oliver B - London Magician

Oliver B – London Magician

A Great Entertainer for Quiet Periods

Come over at 6ish, they say, and after doing a lap of the room, picking up some more treats on your way and talking to other guests, you realise it’s only 9 o’clock but you came here to see the New Year in, so what now? This is where a magician works wonders. From personal experience, if I can’t work out how they tricked me, I’m happy to watch them do it again for someone else without getting bored. No one will want to leave the scene without previously having formed their own hypothesis on how the trick was performed and before you know it, it’s time for a top up and the countdown into, what looks like, a fabulous start to the New Year.

Kid’s Heaven

Child minding is expensive and even more so on New Year’s and generally over the Christmas period. Also, it’s a new beginning and this is something that you most likely want to share with your kids, but maybe not for the whole evening. You want to keep them awake to see in the New Year and it’s Christmas after all, so they will have had far too much sugar. A good magician will put together a show that will keep even the most sugar-hyped kids entertained and quiet for at least an hour or so, so that you can enjoy a quick catch up with old friends. Furthermore, this is a great way to keep their imaginations alive and might even spark the young magician in them.

Party Tricks to Take Home

If you love jokes and you love entertaining, you’ll love a party trick. No matter what people say, everybody enjoys being the centre of attention at some point and this usually happens at parties or in the workplace. Ask the magician to show you a few tricks that you can wow colleagues with at the next meeting. If they love what they do, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Find a good magician for this year’s party and their performance might even give you something other to think about than the mess in your house and the tired state in which you have entered into the New Year.

Oliver B – Party Magician London

Oliver B is a magician who has performed all around the world. Whether you are looking for a wedding magician or a private party magician, Oliver is able to balance his act to meet your needs. Oliver has performed for some huge corporations including Apple and Sony. With Christmas and New Year just a stone’s throw away, why not hire Oliver as your party magician.