The Magic Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is special for so many people, and many even say it’s truly magical. If you don’t feel a bit sick reading that, read on! In all seriousness, love and magic aren’t really all that different – in fact, to a lot of people, they’re synonymous. Both leave us truly captivated, and both falling in love and magic can be highly personal, especially when done correctly.

Valentine’s Day didn’t always have such magical connotations – in fact, it started out as a festival to celebrate a Christian Martyr all the way back in the 5th Century, but the origins go back even further to a Roman holiday called Lupercalia. Why all the romance then? Well, in the middle ages at some point, ‘courtly love’ was flourishing, and people started giving each other gifts on this day. There are loads of legends surrounding it, so the whole thing is a little mystical, too. These days, most people give each other flowers, chocolates or other gifts, or perhaps they go on a weekend away. No matter how commercialised you feel it may have become, there’s ultimately no denying its romantic connotations!

Valentine’s Day is such a popular time to get engaged, and if you have an inkling someone might be about to pop the question – or if they already have – then congratulations are in order! Perhaps it’s a clichéd day to do it, but there are plenty of mesmerizing ways to make it unique. It might seem like a while until the actual wedding (especially if the love of your life hasn’t even proposed…!) but trust us, it’ll come around super quickly – these things always do.

To keep the magic in such a special day, you’ll need to make sure you’re planning each and every detail meticulously. Have you thought about the finer details, such as a little entertainment for the guests over dinner? You’ll want to do something a little different – something elegant, of course, but something to get people talking.

Fortunately, Oliver B’s ability to entrance and enthrall just about anyone means he’s the perfect option for wedding entertainment. He’ll have everyone in utter awe, captivated by exactly what they’re seeing, and he’ll make sure your wedding is the talk of the town! Arriving smartly dressed (and smoothly talking!), he’ll keep guests hanging on his every trick as he performs table magic to each group individually. The best part? He adds to any luxury experience without taking the attention away from the bride or groom themselves.

Truly spellbinding.

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