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If you have ever dreamed of performing astounding tricks to impress friends and family members then this could be the blog you’ve been looking for. We have put together a selection of beginner tricks that are very easy to learn and ideal for those starting out in magic tricks and illusions.

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Magic Tricks for Beginners – Oliver B – Close Up Magician London

The Optical Ring Illusion – Close Up Magician London

For this trick you need a colourful or trendy looking ring, no special tools or skills are required for this magic trick, you just need to learn the procedure and the chit chat to have your audience eating out of the palm of your hand. Place the ring on your finger, this ring needs to be self adjustable. Put this ring on any of your fingers with using a touch of slyness pretend that the ring is too large for your fingers. Twist the ring slowly and position it well on your finger as if you want it to fit you perfectly, then pretend that the ring is to small before twisting in gently in the opposite direction and suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise, the ring will fit you perfectly!

The Card Trick – Close Up Magician London

Take a person out of the audience at random and ask this to choose a card divided into three rows, you must face the other way while the card is chosen, then turn around and pick the right card. Sound easy? It really is! You will ask the member of the audience to pick a card and then place it in one of the rows, the volunteer than tells the magician which row the card is in, then you will pick up the cards three times and place them in three rows again, making sure that the row the volunteer pointed as is in second place. Ask the audience member to point again and count four cards in the row, the fourth card will be the volunteer’s card; there you have your magic trick which results in gasps of amazement.

The Sugar Cube Trick – Close Up Magician London

In this trick a number is written on the sugar cube, the sugar cube gets dropped in a glass of water and the glass appears on the palm of the volunteer’s hand. Again, another simple trick to amaze, when you know how! Ask the audience member to write a number on the ice cube with a felt pen or permanent marker, go over it a few times to make sure it is clear enough ‘for the audience to see’, or at least that is your excuse. When the number is written on the sugar cube, make sure you press it hard into your thumb to get an imprint and then hold the audience members hand and imprint the image of the number into their hand, as the sugar cube dissolves into the water let go of the volunteers hand and their number will be on their hand!

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