Why Magic Should be on the Menu at your Corporate Event

Do you want your next corporate event to be a memorable one? Hiring one of the finest London magicians will guarantee a successful event.

corporate-magicianTeam building days can be mundane, especially if everyone is forced to attend an event that they aren’t really interested in. However, it is still important for colleagues to take a break from the usual work setting and do something different such as team building, which can be highly beneficial to businesses both big and small.

Instead of the usual corporate event ideas, why not mix things up? Above all else, don’t be afraid to be bold. Ensure that your event is magic with Oliver B.

Audience Participation

Corporate events normally require a degree of participation, and with a magician, interaction with the audience is an essential part of the show. Lucky volunteers get to go up close and personal with the performance and play an active role in the show.

What other activity would be better for your corporate event? Sitting down and passively listening to a speaker or getting involved with a London magician who has wowed audiences around the world and back again? From simple card tricks to more daring illusions, each of your guests will be left astonished.

Breaking the Ice

Corporate events are full of ice breaking activities designed to bring colleagues out of their shells and encourage interaction with one another on a social level. What better way to break the ice than with magic performed up close and personal?

When magic is performed up close, there is nowhere to hide for either the performer or the audience. As much as performing under the spotlight on a stage is thrilling, nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of leaving a crowd speechless with a well-constructed trick performed right before their eyes.

Oliver B has forged a reputation as one of the leading close-up magicians in London, with household names such as Simon Cowell, Andy Murray and Jon Bon Jovi left in awe.

Booking a top London Magician for your Corporate Event

Many businesses have benefited from booking Oliver B for their corporate events. All of these have been left highly satisfied and eager for the next opportunity where they can call on the services of one of the best magicians in London.

If you feel that the only thing separating your corporate event from being mundane to exceptional is a magician, then be sure to contact Oliver B today by emailing info@oliverbmagic.com or getting in touch via the online contact form.