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We thought we’d give you an insight into the world of magic, and explore some of the things that no one tells you about being a magician.

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Oliver B – The Magic Life – An Insight Into A Magicians Life

You’re the most popular person at the party

As soon as the words “I’m a magician” come out of your mouth, you get swarmed with people who are eager to see a trick or two. After you have shown one person a trick, news travels fast and all of a sudden everyone is asking you to do a trick. Obviously, this is part of being a magician but sometimes it would be nice just to chill out.

You never leave the house without your cards – Magician London

Being a popular London magician, it isn’t unusual for people to recognise Oliver B down the street, therefore, you always have to remember your playing cards as you leave the house. Most normal people just have to worry about their wallet, bag and their keys, but not if you’re a magician. 

Your personal hygiene is even more important 

People take hygiene seriously, as they should. As a magician people will often be focusing on your hands, especially if you’re performing close up magic, therefore it is vital that you make sure that your hands are clean and your fingernails are dirt free. Otherwise, people are going to be paying more attention to your dirty hands rather than your magic. Also, it might be a good idea to carry around some chewing gum with you, as you’re going to be close to people you’ve never met before, you probably want to have fresh breath.

It’s competitive 

The magic industry is competitive and even though it is a niche market, it can often be hard to find work. It is similar to any industry really, you will meet people who want to help you on your journey and then you will also meet people who don’t want to help you succeed. They want the work, the money and they don’t want to share with anyone else .

Playing cards are expensive – Magician London

Every magician needs a pack of cards, they are the most used prop by all magicians, especially a close up magician. When performing, it isn’t unusual to rip cards up for your performance and even lose the odd card from time to time. But having a complete set of cards in good condition is vital for all magicians and it isn’t unusual for a magician to get through two packs of cards each performance. Playing cards aren’t cheap and therefore you can often spend a lot of your hard earned money just on cards!

You need social skills 

When magicians are first starting out, they usually spend most of their time practising their tricks in front of a mirror, which is perfect if you need to master the art of sleight of hand. However, this can often make performing in front of an audience for the first time scary. Good social skill will make it much easier for you to connect with your audience making your routine much smoother and easy to watch.

Build your reputation 

Building your reputation can take a long time in the world of magic and often you have to do a lot of stuff for free just to get your name out there. Although you might feel like you’re being annoying it is a good idea to hand out some business cards and go up to people and show them show off your tricks, even if you feel like they want to! You never know who you might bump into.

No instant success 

Being a magician doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes years and years of practice. If you are seriously considering becoming a magician then it is important that you realise you’re not going to become a massive hit instantly. But if you work hard and practice even harder then there’s no reason why you won’t end up near the to

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Oliver B – Magician London

Oliver B – Magician London

Oliver B is a Magician in London who performs all around the world. Oliver B is available to hire for a range of events, including a wedding or a corporate event. In the past few years, Oliver has performed in front of some incredible names, including Simon Cowell and many more!

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