Magic Kits for Young Magicians

As children, everyone had a slight interest in magic, most kids would have even dreamt of being a magician. One thing is a certainty, someone at some point would have bought you a magic kit as a child – whether it was santa or your god parents you hadn’t heard from for two years who decided to sent it as a belated birthday present because they forgot the actual date.

Nevertheless, magic kits can bring endless hours of fun and confusion. If you’re thinking about getting a magic box either for yourself or for you child, here is a short list of the best magic kits for future magicians.

The Complete Magician Kit – Joshua Jay

This magic set will get an aspiring magician on there way. With The Complete Magician Kit, you’ll have your friends and family left speechless as soon as you start to learn the tricks inside the kit.

The Complete Magician Kit comes with a book, a DVD that shows you how to perform the tricks and 5 props for the tricks you are about to master. It really is an all-in-one kit that will definitely get you started on your way to becoming a magician.

The book that is included in the magic set is 288 pages long. The book has more than 600 colour photos, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to perform over 100 magic tricks. Each trick is broken down in to easy to understand stages with lessons on what to say and how to perform the trick convincingly. The DVD lasts just over two hours and shows you how to perform 35 tricks convincingly.

The props that you will receive with The Complete Magician Set are:

  • Four metal 4-inch linking rings
  • One Svengali Deck
  • One Paranormal Deck
  • One Magic “pen-etrating” Pen
  • One false thumb tip.

Most Unbelievable Show – Fantasma Magic

Perfect for young magicians from the age of 6 to 12 who have to start somewhere. The magic set has over 50 tricks and is full of all the old classics. The oldest and most respected trick in history – the cups and balls trick is one of the many tricks you’ll be able to learn.

Some of the other magic tricks that this set for young magicians has in it include the Coin Paddle. Where you can show two sides of a small paddle and then a coin will appear on one side, only to disappear and reappear on both sides!

Most importantly, this magic sets comes with its very own magic wand, which is surprisingly not included in most other magic sets these days. What else does the set contain?

  • A Mystery Box that causes things to appear and then vanish
  • The Magic Genie Vase, with a rope appearing from it that only the magician can use to hold it up.
  • The Four Sided Card, all of a sudden an ‘ordinary’ playing cards has four faces.
  • The Magicians Penetrating Frame, allowing you to push a pencil through a seemingly solid object.
  • Perfect for any younger magicians, looking to get in to magic for the first time.

Deluxe Magic Set – Las Vegas Magic Company

Definitely not a set to jump straight in to as some of the tricks are much more difficult than a magic set for begining magicians. The magic trick is still managing for magicians at a younger age however, and it claims to make professional magic tricks easy with over 350 tricks in the set. Below are some of the professional tricks that this magic set will teach you.

  • The Ultimate Levitation System – Learn the secrets of close up levitations
  • Stripper Deck – Card tricks with this deck will make you look like a professional magician in no time at all.
  • 3 Rope Mystery – three rooms, all of different sizes are magically stretched to the same length.
  • Svengali Deck – learn to perform some unbelievable magic tricks with the Svengali Deck of cards.
  • Ton and Restored Newspaper – learn how to tear a pice of newspaper, just to restore it moments later.
  •  Cut and Restored Rope – learn the secrets behind the cut and restored rope trick.
  •  Top Secret – You will learn how to make object vanish from thin air!

Definitely worth a buy for any magicians who are looking to take their ability to the next level and learn how to become a master of sleight-of-hand.

Dynamo Magicians Kit

You are now able to learn some of the tricks that Dynamo performs on the street. This magic kit will help aspiring magicians develop some incredible close-up magic skills that every successful magician needs.

The Magic Kit has everything in it you need to ‘wow’ all of your friends and even strangers! The kit comes completes with a book that includes step by step instructions on how to master all of the tricks as well as a few inspirational words from Dynamo.

The Magicians Kit will teach you how to tie your shoelaces without touching them, cut your friends headphones in half and then magically restore them and even make a chosen card appear from nowhere.

The Kit includes:

  • Standard deck of cards
  • Trick cards
  • Headphones
  • Shoelaces
  • Lottery Cards
  • And three top secret essential devices.

Oliver B Blog – Magician London

We hope that this has helped you and you’re now ready to tackle the great world of magic. Although none of these magic kits will make the the best magician in London, they will definitely put you on the right path. Oliver B is a top magician in London who specialises in up close magic and sleight of hand. If you would like to hire Oliver B, don’t hesitate to get in touch!