Magic Joins the Digital Revolution

When you think of close-up magic you probably instantly envisage lots of clever card tricks and perhaps a coin behind the ear, but just when you thought you knew magic, I’m excited to say that my tricks are now dabbling in a little digital.
I’ve always been a bit of a gadget geek, but being able to incorporate technology into my performances has meant I can release my inner nerd and watch the complete bewilderment that comes from using these intelligent devices for magic.
The truth is you probably wouldn’t think it could happen as we hold them in such high regard, they almost seem like they have their own element of magic. But it’s safe to say that close-up magic with an IPad and even other peoples IPhone is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst the crowds.
Traditional card tricks are still a magicians bread and butter, but if we don’t move with the times and push ourselves to delve deeper into the trends that our audience is interested in, we can soon become tired and outdated.
Our job is to entertain and ensure our performance is relatable, so by keeping up with the trends and these gadgets that we use daily, we can ensure that you’re continually surprised by the tricks we have up our sleeves.
It’s safe to say that we probably all own one piece of digital technology or another, whether it is a smartphone or digital notebook, and we use them for everything! Talking to our friends, ordering our shopping and even watching the television on the go. These portable pieces of tech are a huge part of our lives and for me personally I feel they’re finally helping us to make magic more modern.
The tricks of a magician are often as old as the performance itself, and can take decades to revolutionise. There’s only been a handful of magicians that have changed the way we do things and the boundaries we can cross, so it’s no surprise that we try to incorporate new styles of magic in any way we can to make it more captivating.
After all that’s what magic is all about, we want to go beyond what is possible and bring you the impossible. If it didn’t make you say ‘WOW’ or jump back in shock then it didn’t serve its purpose.
Don’t underestimate the mighty of magic, its ever-changing ways are making it the most popular form of entertainment and a universal art form that continues to ignite the imagination.

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