The Magic of Christmas

It’s December, and so it’s official: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Of course, whilst most of us only spend these fleeting few weeks swept up in the magic of it all, Oliver B is lucky enough to spend his entire life dealing in illusion and amazement.

The very fact that this time of year is spent talking jovially about ‘Santa’ and fairies and elves and so on shows our very willingness to believe. Like big kids, we’re always hoping to reclaim our innocence. The grown up isn’t always sunshine and rainbows so in all honesty, any escape is all a very welcome break. Some people might be a bit sceptical of magic, sure, but magic these days is so fun and there’s nothing to worry about at all.

For adults, too, a chance to escape reality is very much desired! Christmas in general provides an atmosphere for most of us, no matter our backgrounds. It’s a time for giving, fun, but most of all, family and friends. The true magic and joy in it can be found in the fact that it’s different to the ordinary and somewhat mundane aspects of typical life.

That’s why this time of year is also one of the best to see a magician. Whether it’s a Christmas Party at your work, a lovely wintery wedding, or even just a festive night out, it’s the perfect time! We’re much more open to winding down, and the scenes around us are a constant reminder that life is good.

As you might know, Oliver B performs weekly (on Tuesdays) at London’s W Hotel. London itself is beautiful around the holidays, and this hotel is no exception. The grandness of the establishment, combined with the elegance of the cocktails served, make the perfect setting to be truly wowed as a special treat.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have seen Oliver hired as a magician for a special function, you’ll know how difficult it would be to pass up that chance to see him in action again!
Whether you’ve considered seeing a magician before, now’s the time to open your mind. It’s Christmas, after all!

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