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Oliver B has taken his INCREDIBLE, highly sought-after magic all over the world and left thousands of spectators amazed. Having performed for countless well-known brands & also booked by a host of A-List celebrities including Simon Cowell, Roger Federer & Rihanna (to name a few), Oliver B has extended his craft to perform highly interactive online shows; shows that will completely astound any given audience.

If live events are not possible this is the PERFECT way to entertain.

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Oliver B is a Top London Magician who has performed all over the world at a range of different events

What is a Virtual Magician?

You may not be familiar with exactly what a virtual magician is, because they’re relatively new. Since restrictions on social distancing were put in place, Oliver B has been performing extraordinary online magic shows using video platforms such as ZOOM, Google Meet & Skype to wow ‘virtual’ guests.

Online Corporate Events

Since early 2020, Oliver B has performed at many online corporate events for brands such as John Lewis, Disney & Sony. These shows are highly interactive – you and your colleagues get to witness some of the most astonishing magic you will have ever seen.

Online Private Events

Oliver B also performs private events online for those with special occasions that want to delight their family & friends, giving them a show they will never forget!

“That is amazing, you have to show my wife!”

Roger Federer

How Does It Work?

Online performances can be catered for any event with either a few guests up to hundreds at any one time. No matter the number, Oliver B can accommodate your event and perform the perfect show tailored to your needs.

Oliver B can join your scheduled event on the platform of your choice, or alternatively create a link for all to join…

…so whether you’re looking to hire a magician for an online virtual show or a private event as lockdown eases, look no further than Oliver B. With years of experience performing in front of countless spectators all around the world, Oliver B is sure to put on a show you won’t forget in a hurry.

For more information or to get a quote for your event, please contact Oliver B on or directly on 07961 317 599.


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