The Importance of Originality in Magic

Every magician has their signature trick that they are synonymous with – from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the streets of London; originality is the key to success.

standing-out-magicA card trick is more than just the illusion that fools the audience, the true brilliance lies in its execution. How does one lead the crowd into a false sense of security before pulling the carpet from underneath their feet?

Close-up magicians that rely on their unwavering sleight of hand are like snowflakes, no two are the same and the experience that the audience comes away with is unique.

Audience Involvement

Almost all magicians make use of tricks that rely on audience participation. Anyone can show off their latest card trick, but the real magic is when you introduce a variable that you seemingly are not in control of.

Anything can go wrong, and the audience is in the palm of your hand with anticipation waiting to either be blown away or laugh as the illusion goes wrong. There is no middle ground, especially in the case of close-up magicians with nowhere to hide.


Just the same as comics write their own material and ‘own’ a joke, the same can be said about magicians. While standard tricks are all part of the game, each magician puts their own twist on each illusion and forms their own routine.

The great magicians of our time all have their own style – from David Copperfield’s storytelling to Penn & Teller’s humorous approach to debunking pseudoscience. Oliver B is no different, with his own unique style keeping the audience on the edge of their seat from start to finish. The ability to present no two shows the same is what makes him one of the best party magicians in London.

Always Wanting More

The best showmen always know when to end a performance, which is when the audience is still desperate for more. The spectators are left in awe, questioning as to whether what they have just witnessed is real or is a figment of their imagination.

If this is the type of experience that you are looking to treat your guests to at your next event, hire Oliver B for a performance that will take your breath away. Call today on 07961 317599 or get in touch with Oliver via the contact form on the website.