How to be a hit a children’s magician

The road to magic stardom can indeed be a bumpy road, full of trap doors and burst balloons. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! You can become the best children’s magician there ever was! ……Okay a slight exaggeration, but you can become a great children’s magician if you follow these simple rules.

Practice, practice practice!

We’ve all heard the saying practice makes perfect, this is just as true for winning Olympic gold as it is for performing magic at an 8 year olds birthday. Make sure you have a tried and tested magic routine as well as a few backup tricks just in case things get a little sketchy. If you know you’re magic tricks inside out then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Learn from the best

So you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? A magician is more than just a slick trickster; he’s a showman through and through. If you can engage and infuse a crowd (even a small one) you’ll have a much better chance of success on a larger stage. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the theatrics, even having a whiff of charisma about you rather than none will help you go a long way in the magic business. Watch how other magicians own the stage and interact with their audience, the aim isn’t to copy but to adapt it to your own particular style. Be unique!

Turn the bad into good

At some point in your magic career you’re bound to have a few setbacks, it’s only natural. The key is to dust yourself off and try again. Learn from your mistakes, so what if you fluff up your rabbit in a hat trick or actually saw your assistant in half – get another one (joking, be careful!) Every magician goes through his or her fair share of flops, just don’t stop!

Your time will come

It can be frustrating waiting for that big break to come; you’ve practiced on all your friends and family but you’ve still not had that precious first booking. Don’t fret, use this time to polish your act, add a few new tricks in or throw the lacklustre ones out. You’ll see in no time that your phone will be ringing off the hook with people dying to see your act!

Keep it age appropriate

So you’ve got the birthday gig, it’s for a 6 year Old’s birthday party. You’ve perfected your routine, you then perform your routine……no one likes your routine. Make sure you know what kinds of tricks will impress your audience!  You can have the greatest routine ever but if it’s tailored for an older audience then you might as well stay home.

With these tips at your disposal you’ll have no problem impressing your audience. Now get out there and make that magic happen!

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