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Over the years there have been a number of great magicians, we look at some of the greatest magicians of all time.

David Blaine

David started out with simple magic tricks and illusions with cards. Blaine steered towards public imprisonments where he would test his mind and body to the max. Some of his ‘crazy’ imprisonments include spending three days inside six tons of ice, being suspended over the Thames for 44 days and even being buried beneath a tank of water in New York.

Americans were amazed by Blaine but the Brits were a much tougher audience to please. Whilst Blaine was suspended above the Thames in a glass box, he was pelted by golf balls, eggs and laser pens were shone in his eyes. One British critic said it was a “magnificent effort” and he was only referring to crowd.

Although his imprisonments are impressive, his best trick is his pavement levitation, which leaves the audience stunned.

Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller now have their very own TV show, in which up and coming magicians try to fool them with their best tricks. Before venturing into TV, Penn and Teller were recognised as two of the best magicians in the world who were able to put on a real show, not only with their magic.

The two showmen are very impressive and connect with the audience very well and have two incredible characters, Teller rarely talks and will never connect with the audience, he leaves that to Penn, who arguably does enough talking for the both of them.

Penn and Teller are still regarded are two of the best illusionists in the industry with their most famous trick being the bullet trick, where they fire guns at each other and catch the bullets that were fired in their teeth.

Jerry Sadowitz

Specialising in close-up magic, Jerry is regarded as one of the best close-up magicians of all time. He combines his close up magic with his unique way with words, most of which are rude, which is one reason why he will never be mainstream.

His way with words have often got him in a bit of a mess, he was knocked unconscious by an angry observer after greeting the audience with an insult at the Montreal comedy festival. He was also sacked by Channel 5, although his act seems hard to tame, you can’t deny that he is a truly talented magician and deserves a place on this list.


Another magician who has recently seem a rise in fame due to his TV show, which is called Dynamo: Magician Impossible, he tricks celebrities and the general public with his sleight of hand and other magic tricks to leave the audience amazed.

Dynamo is from Bradford and specialises in street magic, tricking the public with his sleight of hand. On top of this he also swallows jewellery and pulls it out of his stomach, he can transform snow into diamonds and most impressive of all, he has walked on water across the Thames.

Apollo Robins

He calls himself the gentlemen thief because of is pick pocketing abilities. He has worked with a number of TV stars showing them just how good he is at pick pocketing as well as performing live on air. Apollo is also working closely with the US defence departments to help them understand how magician are able to hack our brains to teach military personnel about cognition and deception.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown calls himself a “psychological illusionist” and he is able to trick your mind into believing anything and everything. He uses misdirection to hack into your brain and makes his ‘victims’ do most of the work by making them offer body language clues and absorbing any subliminal messages they may give off. At times his power can be scary and in the past he has made a member of his audience admit to committing to a murder that they did not commit, as well as persuading someone to try and assassinate Stephen Fry.

One of his most dangerous stunts involved him playing Russian roulette, he was able to guess which bullet the barrel was in, shooting the gun away from his head, cementing his reputation as one of the best illusionists in the world.

Criss Angel

The rockstar of magic with no fear. Criss Angel blends his rockstar image with daredevil stunts which have previously included shackling himself to the side of a care that had been set on fire, which also had explosives in it, just to add to the danger and excitement. Another slightly strange trick he has on his portfolio is hanging himself from a moving helicopter with fish hooks through his skin.

Criss has also been awarded the magician of the year three times by Magic Castle Hollywood

Harry Houdini

Arguably the most famous name in the world of Magic. Houdini started out a a street trapeze artist, later he would use his magic to expose spiritualism – a big business in his day. But he was most famous for his escapology.

Harry Houdini wasn’t able to broadcast his tricks on television as there was no such thing in his days. Therefore Harry would go round the USA and challenge any jail in each town he visited to hold him in a cell, he would then escape from the cell. He was seen as the worlds first true escape artist.

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