February is National Weddings Month

We can only guess as to why February is Nationals Weddings Month, it may be that love is in the air with Valentines Day, or the crisp freshness before spring brings the feel of romance, whatever it is that makes February be known as National Weddings Month is nether here nor there, what matters is that Love is in the Air!

Everyone loves a good wedding but it’s sometimes hard for the bride and groom to make theirs memorable for their guests, for them it is the best day of their lives and will be remembered forever, but for their guests? How can the newly married make sure that their wedding is not just ‘another wedding’?

This is where London’s Magician, Oliver B can help, he will work his way away your event, amazing and surprising your guests, leaving them talking about your weddings for months or years to come.

Oliver B can mix into smaller groups of women gossiping in the corner, approach the kids with smaller and simpler tricks or amaze the men who are talking football at the bar. This London Magician can get the whole room talking about how magical your wedding is.

February is National Weddings Month, get down on one knee and tell your lover how much she or he means to you!