Exploring Magic Through the Ages

The appeal of magic is undeniable – children and adults alike are continually fascinated by the wonder and intricacies of magic. The very best magicians leave their audiences astounded, asking “how did they do that?”

magician-cards-trickHowever, as with any other form of entertainment, trends in magic are constantly evolving and adapting as the audience’s preferences change and tastes shift towards increasingly new and innovative forms of magic.

For hundreds of years, magicians in London and beyond have worked hard to develop the next big thing in magic, allowing exciting new tricks to arrive from the next generation of magicians.

From the Past to the Present and Beyond

But what are the most famous trends, and how have they influenced the magic of today’s magicians?

One of the earliest known magicians was Dedi, an ancient Egyptian magician who reportedly beheaded two birds and an ox before later restoring their heads to bring them back to life. Soon afterwards, magic became much more widely known and began to gain popularity. Classic tricks involving cups and balls, playing cards and dice were developed, proving that the roots of the art of magic go back an incredibly long way.

The late 1800’s and early 1900’s marked a new era for magic. Public interest was higher than ever before, and more and more people were calling for increasingly awe-inspiring tricks and stunning illusions. The golden age of magic was born.

One of the leading pioneers of magic at this time was the infamous Harry Houdini, who was perhaps most well-known for his work in escapology. The amazing work of Houdini and his contemporaries sparked demand for even more impressive feats of magic, prompting the development of classic tricks and illusions such as sawing people in half.

Allow Yourself to be Wowed by a Top London Magician

As a leading London magician, Oliver B sets himself apart by recognising the history of magic and paying homage to these important magical milestones within his breath-taking act. The best magicians adapt the classic tricks for their own shows, creating a brand new, innovative spin on a favourite illusion.

Equally at home performing at a large corporate event or bringing magic to the masses out on the street, Oliver B has many years of experience as a top magician. London, the UK and further afield have all played host to his remarkable talent in the past, ensuring his versatility as a performer.

To enquire about availability and booking Oliver B for your next event, please get in contact or give him a call today on 07961 317599.