December = Party Time!

December brings a lot of cool things for everyone. It’s party time, the alcohol is flowing, the nights out are planned, and the festive spirit is high. It’s this time of year which helps highlight exactly what it is that Oliver B actually does! From private functions to corporate events, weddings and even stage shows, here’s a little insight into the kinds of things he’s up to this month (or at any time really…!).

Celebrity Events

Now, it’s not that we can’t disclose exactly who these celebrities might be – it’s just that there’s so many of them! Oliver has performed for everyone, from Ed Sheeran, to One Direction and everyone in between!

Stage Shows

Oliver has always said he’s not just a celebrity magician. The idea of that makes him cringe, to be quite frank – he wants his magic to be inclusive for all! He recently did a stage show at the Dorchester to prove that point perfectly.

Table Magic

Table magic at ANY of these events is where Oliver can shine, really. Directly involving people in the bar of the W Hotel, where he regularly performs, for example, allows you to see for yourself how it all works. It’s so easy to dismiss this kind of stuff out of hand, but when he’s performing magic directly to you, there’s no room for that, and you will be blown away – guaranteed!

Corporate Events

Oliver B has been to a few Christmas work parties this year! Besides loving getting to see into the world of a load of corporate people letting their hair down, he’s also loved impressing people who probably don’t always like to show it!


Everyone wants to outdo everyone else at weddings, so hiring a magician is an obvious choice. Oliver is available to be hired for weddings of all sizes within the UK.
Private Home Events

Oliver B might not really just be in the business to pop around for tea, but he is available to hire for any big bashes you might be hosting at your house!

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