Creating Believers – One Event at a Time!

Since magic has become more popular on talent show programmes, many of the viewers can become disillusioned by the craft – presuming that it’s all lights camera action, with strings and clever camera angles. But when you bring magic back into reality it’s surprising just how many disbelievers can be converted after the enchantment of close-up magic takes place, right before their very eyes.
This summer I’ve performed at a record number of weddings, and close-up magic has been the entertainment of choice for many of them. With guests waiting sometimes for hours as the OK! Magazine photographers pull the happy couple and their family, here there and everywhere. Guests can soon get fed-up with sitting around and waiting for the fun to start, so that’s where I come in.
Although stage magic certainly has its grandeur, close-up magic breaks-up the day between all the monotonous and boring practical parts of a wedding, and it’s a great ice breaker for guests who’ve never met before.
After all, they may be friends of the bride and groom but that doesn’t mean everyone knows each other. With a little helping hand from magic the atmosphere can soon go from awkward to ecstatic, as they all mingle around and chat excitedly about what they’ve seen.
Of course it’s not just wedding season that close-up magic holds a strong place, I’ve also been booked for corporate events where guests want entertainment that isn’t going to involve business and bottom lines.
Adding an extra sparkle to any event, it’s incredible to watch as magic surpasses all ages and genders, because it’s pure and non-judgemental. You could be a rocket scientist or a ballet dancer- both would be equally bowled over. So no matter your varying guest list it’s much easier to find an entertainer you know is going to have them all talking.
Love it or hate it, they’ll be intrigued for sure. And a conversation starter is far better than guests exiting early with excuses of tired babysitters.
No matter the event your holding it’s essential for you to capture people’s imagination and give them something to talk about months after.
You don’t have to believe in magic to hire magician, but you will be left believing when I’m finished!

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