Why Close-Up Magic is King

During the last few decades, magic has undergone a subtle yet noticeable shift away from the days of traditional grand illusions and impressive stage shows. Instead, there is a new kid on the block – one which has already begun to take the magic world by storm.

Magic performed in front of a small number of people in an intimate setting is proving to be much more popular than the traditional stage shows of the past. Tricks performed by a top-class close-up magician, London-based or beyond, have the potential to wow audiences like never before. Oliver B isn’t simply a top-class magician; he is world-class, ensuring that you are guaranteed to be blown away by his exceptional skills as a magician.

What is Close-up Magic?

Close-up magic is unique among other types of magic as it is performed in full view of the audience. Every single element of the performance is scrutinised in intricate detail by the audience, meaning that there is absolutely no room for slip-ups – only the very best magicians excel at close-up magic.

What Makes Close-up Magic so Special?

It is this exact reason that makes close-up magic so special. Set apart from other forms of magic –  thanks to its intimate feel, there really is nothing else like close-up magic.

A lot of people find large stage shows or grand illusions to be quite distant and detached, feeling far removed from the action happening up on stage. However, with close-up magic, there is none of this distance. Those who doubt magic can easily see the entirety of the trick first-hand, up-close, allowing for even the most cynical of audiences to be wowed!

In addition, this is an incredibly adaptable and versatile form of magic. Close-up magic can be performed virtually anywhere, be this in the street, at a wedding, at a corporate event or somewhere else entirely. The best close-up magicians are able to go over and engage a group of complete strangers, making them feel at ease and involving them with each stage of the trick.

The Best Close-Up Magician in London

As a master of his craft, it’s clear to see why Oliver B is renowned as a world-class close-up magician. London audiences are regularly astounded by his magic, but Oliver’s tricks are simply awe-inspiring on a global scale.

For more information or to discuss hiring Oliver B, please give him a call today on 07961 317599.