Classic Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The day of love is almost upon us and whether you’re in the ‘let’s celebrate in style’ camp or team ‘I don’t need a day to celebrate how much I love someone’, it’s a celebration that you’ll find tough to avoid over the next few weeks.

With the shops full of heart shaped chocolates, meal ideas for two and gifts for loved ones, you don’t need to have a plus one to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So whether you grab your family, a bunch of your friends or that special someone these classic date ideas will ensure your Valentine knows how much you care.

Weekend Break

If you’re looking to impress then a weekend break is the way to go for Valentine’s Day, time with your loved one can help to rekindle the flame and give you some much needed time away to spend with one another. Book a fancy hotel, a spa break or a weekend in a country abode for maximum points.

Romantic Meal for Two

A romantic meal for two is the classic in the little black book of dating, indulging in good food by candlelight, across from your favourite person there’s often nothing better. Book their favourite restaurant or why not set up a romantic table for two at home, with a delicious home cooked meal.

Cosy Night In

Set up camp at home with a takeaway, sweet treats and a hot chocolate or two, and then snuggle down for a move night or binge watch one of the latest TV series’. Candles and blankets will add the cosy factor and up the romance. This one’s great to spend with friends too.

Big Night Out

If Valentine’s Day is a big night out for you then celebrate in style with cocktails and a little magic. We all love surprises, and whilst I’m biased, a magical evening can go a long way when it comes to keeping relationships alive. I perform at the W Hotel in London on Tuesday evenings, so come with your partner, family or friends and prepare to be amazed.

The Quirky Idea

Daily life often means we forgo our hobbies in favour of slobbing out in front of the TV, but learning a new skill or indulging in your favourite pastime will give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Grab your favourite person and get them involved too. You could attend a cookery class, try a new sport or even set yourself a challenge to complete.

Low Key

Valentine ’s Day isn’t about spending a ton of money, and it’s the little things like simply spending time with someone that can make them feel like the only person in the world who matters. Keep it simple and go for a country walk, go to the place you had your first date or make breakfast in bed.

Keep the Dates Going

Love should be celebrated all year round and keeping up with the date nights will keep your relationship full of fun and love. If you can’t commit to weekly dates, try and plan one a month. You could make them a surprise for one another, or why not try alphabet dating or commit to dinner at a new restaurant each month.

Hopefully these romantic date ideas have given you some inspiration, so finally enjoy February 14th!