Bringing Magic into the 21st Century

Throughout the years, magic has been an ever-present form of entertainment. From the earliest days of magic right through to the greatest era of showmanship with grand stage shows and awe-inspiring spectacles, magic endures, engaging the public and always keeping people coming back for more.

close up magician in london

However, as we progress through the 21st century, a new era of magic has begun to emerge. Trends in magic are constantly evolving as audience’s tastes and preferences change. The best magicians recognise this and adapt their craft accordingly.

Welcome to the 21st Century – The Era of Close-up Magic

As an established close-up magician, London residents and visitors alike are continually astounded by Oliver B’s skill with magic. Close-up magic is a particularly intricate craft, requiring great talent to be able to pull off breath-taking tricks in front of such an intimate audience.

The beauty of close-up magic is that it is such an accessible aspect of entertainment. With the grand stage shows typical of previous years, magicians were used to performing elaborate stunts to packed theatres and venues full of eager spectators. Nowadays, however, many more people are sceptical of magic, meaning that the magician must work extra hard to ensure that all-important wow factor remains.

Close-up magic allows magicians to perform to a small audience, usually comprising of only a few people. The magician is able to perform much more intricate tricks – but as the audience is so small and so much closer, any slip-up is far easier to spot. This means that the close-up magician must be nothing short of a complete master of his trade in order to accomplish his repertoire with the utmost skill and finesse.

Bring the Wow Factor with a Close-up Magician

Traditional stage shows are often seen as inaccessible or easy for magicians to fake their tricks, but close-up magic is the exact opposite. With close-up magic, the audience gets to see the tricks first-hand, removing any remaining doubts about the skill and talent of the magician once and for all.

Oliver B is one of the most recognised names among close-up magicians in London, with many years’ experience of performing to both large and small audiences. Well-versed in sectors as diverse as performing magic at weddings and corporate events right through to the unique art of street magic, it is undeniable that Oliver B is in a league of his own.

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