Is Bigger Always Better?

If someone said the word ‘magic’ to you, what is the first thing that pops into your head? An image of a traditional magician complete with rabbit and top hat? One of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding creations perhaps? Or is it something a little more close to home?

Magician with two cardsNarrowing the field a little, when you think of a magician, chances are that you will be thinking about one of two things. The first: the grand illusion; your typical over-exaggerated smoke and mirrors stage show that leaves you speechless. The second: up close and personal magic that defies all odds right before your eyes.

Stage Shows versus Street Magic

But what if there was something in between, all the grandeur of a stage show with the intimacy of close-up magic? Surely this is the best kind of magic. Boasting all the wonders and intrigue of the big show-stopping performances without forgetting the roots of street magic and one person wowing another; now, that sounds like magic you can believe in.

Combining the best of the rest with his act, Oliver B stands out from the crowd as a corporate magician. London is a melting pot of culture and it can be hard to find something outstanding amongst such a busy market, but his unique approach to performance gives any event a reason to be remembered.

Capturing the Essence

Grand illusions are synonymous with the golden era of magic, rising to the fore in a time when magic had firmly taken hold of the public consciousness. From smoke and mirrors trickery to clever props and age-old techniques, the beauty of the grand illusion is that it is the romantic notion many people still have of the world of magic.

However, it is smaller tricks and street-style magic performed in intimate venues that embody the real spirit of magic.

It is the magician’s job to impress their audience – and sometimes, it is the smallest tricks that are actually the most impressive. After all, there’s nothing quite like seeing magic performed directly in front of your own eyes to leave your jaw on the floor. Watch a show that suspends your disbelief and leaves you forgetting about the science behind the illusion.

A Corporate Magician London can be Proud Of

Recognising this, Oliver B aims to incorporate the grandeur of stage shows into the accessibility of corporate events, weddings and parties across the city of London and beyond.

It is the reaction of the audience that really makes the show, and, the beauty of magic in an intimate setting is its immediacy and availability; Oliver B aims to make magic approachable to all.

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