Add Some Magic to Your Big Day

With the long days and warm nights comes wedding season! It is every brides dream to have her wedding be the most memorable and ‘magical’ occasion, not only for the happy couple but also for the guests! There is no better way to validate all of the months of planning and the (let’s face it) seemingly endless money spent then have your big day talked about for years to come by friends and family.
Wedding entertainment is one of the ultimate ways to personalise your wedding day and make it stand out from others that your guests may attend over the summer months. From a live band to a caricaturist, having something original to entertain your guests is at the top of every brides ‘to organise’ list.
Roald Dahl once wrote, “A little magic can take you a long way”, and having a magician at your wedding has been labelled as one of THE most unusual wedding entertainment ideas. It is a glamorous option that is bound to leave your guests in awe- no matter their age. One of the most appealing aspects of having magic as your wedding entertainment is it has the ability to astound both children and adults alike and would undoubtedly give your big day the edge that it deserves.
Not only that, but close up magic is an adaptable form of entertainment that can accommodate the size of both the wedding party and venue, this interactive form of magic requires few props and minimal space. Oliver B believes that close up magic is the perfect way to create the extra sparkle and hint of drama that will ensure your wedding will go down in family history. Inevitably, there are going to be parts of the day when the guests are left to their own devices and this provides the perfect opportunity for close up magic to break the ice between guests while you have your photos taken.
The magic can continue throughout the wedding breakfast; keeping your guests entertained between courses and is also a great way to distract children whilst they wait for their meals!
The one thing you will need to be assured of is that your magician has the experience along with the flair and skill to perform at such an important event; this is where Oliver B can complete your wedding party. Having performed for the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Andy Murray and Simon Cowell, you can have the peace of mind that he will set your wedding apart from the rest.

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