About Oliver

Oliver B has spent many weeks, months and years practising the art of magic, having said that it is the performance side that he feels most passionate about. There are many magicians out there, but what matters most to Oliver is being able to give people that moment of astonishment where they are amazed by what they have seen, giving them a real experience and putting them in a great mood because of it.

The first time Oliver received an applause gave him such a good feeling that he wanted to experience it time and time again. Oliver explains “The feeling never gets old, nor does seeing people’s reactions”. 

When Oliver was a little boy he bought a magic trick off of a man working in Liverpool Street Market, London. Oliver was about 6 years old and he still clearly remembers the look of surprise on a friend’s parents faces when he showed them the trick. That experience always stayed with Oliver, and as he grew older he started to wonder “what if I became a magician? Is that even possible?”, only to discover that of course it was possible and possibly one of the best choices he has ever made.