Corporate Magician London

Corporate events are great for businesses. It allows a business to get across the style and spirit of the business whilst hopefully leaving the right impression on any guests that will be at the event.

Entertainment at my event

Although your business might only host a corporate event once every year, those attending might be attending corporate events every week and therefore you need your corporate event to stand out. Whilst we agree it’s business first and pleasure second, it is important for the guests that the pleasure and entertainment aspect of the event is not forgotten.

corporate magician london

Why a Corporate Magician?

Corporate events aren’t an unusual thing, if you’re a representative of a company you will probably have to attend a lot of corporate events, but a lot of corporate events are very similar with nothing that really makes them stand out from the crowd. Hiring a magician for your corporate event will make sure your guests remember your event for years to come, however you want to make sure that you pick the right corporate magician for your event, otherwise your guests may remember the event for all the wrong reasons.

Oliver B – Your #1 Choice

Oliver B is a corporate magician who has been performing at corporate events for a number of years now. With years of magician experience, Oliver has developed his confidence and charisma to engage with guests on a professional, fun and intimate level.

Breaking the Ice

The great thing about close up magic is that the face to face and personal interaction breaks up any moments where your guests are left to their own devices. Magic brings people together! When Oliver is performing it isn’t unusual for a large crowd of people to all stand around watching. Oliver is able to bring the group together and get everyone involved, which can act as a real ice breaker if they have never met before.

“Just a quick email to say a MASSIVE thank you for introducing us to Oliver! He was the hit of the night and everyone enjoyed it so much!” – Apple

corporate magician london

Hire Oliver B

Oliver B has worked all over the world  as corporate magician for  large corporations, including Apple and Sony. If you want to leave your guests remembering your corporate event for a long time, hire Oliver B as your corporate magician.