Performing Street Magic

Performing street magic can be scary, especially if you aren’t used to it and you’re new to magic. The first time is always the worst, after that it becomes more natural and eventually you won’t be nervous at all!

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Oliver B – London Magician

We wanted to give you a couple of tips on how you can make performing street magic slightly less daunting. So here they are:

Location, Location, Location

Where you choose to perform is vital. Always make sure that you know the area you are and that it is safe to be there. You want to make sure you are located somewhere that you will get noticed, but not somewhere that is so busy you’re going to annoy people, such as underground stations. Use some common sense when looking for the right location to perform your magic.


Remember to smile. If you don’t make yourself approachable by using your body language, very few people are going to feel comfortable in coming towards you. On top of that, if you have managed to create an audience, if you come across as nervous and you’re avoiding eye contact, you run the risk of making your audience feel uneasy or even disinterested, if the audience become disinterested then you’re not going to receive the response you want once the trick is finished. So remember to smile and make your audience feel comfortable.

Role Reversal

What would you do if you were approached by a magician? This is a great way to consider whether the people you are approaching would want to see your magic. Some people will obviously appear too busy and therefore try and avoid anyone marching through the streets, looking as if they need to be somewhere in a hurry. Try and identify what your ideal audience looks like and then approach those people, for example a family on a day out might be perfect.

Be Respectful

This tip ties in with the previous one. If you do stop someone who says they don’t have time, don’t take it personally. That person probably is in a hurry or maybe they just don’t want to see any magic, not everyone likes magic, don’t force them to watch you.

You might also have some tricks that require you to take objects off of your audience. If someone seems hesitant or they don’t want to give you their item(s), just accepted it and move on to your next trick.

Cut Off

It is always a good idea to have tricks that are easy to cut off whilst you are in the middle of performing them. Someone’s phone might ring or they might even bump into a friend. By having tricks that you can cut off at any moment, makes your performance feel much smoother to watch. Having short, snappy but effective tricks is the best route to go down when performing street magic.

The First Trick

Once you have approached someone, the aim is to keep them entertained for as long as possible. The best way to do this is by making your first trick one of your bests. This way you will leave them eager to see more instead of considering moving to the next shop. This doesn’t mean your second or your third trick should be bad, just make sure that you set a high level from the offset.

Be Grateful

Finally, once your performance is over, either you have run out off tricks or the audience needs to leave, remember to thank them for their time. They didn’t have to stop and watch your magic so be genuinely appreciative that they did.

Oliver B – London Magician

Oliver B is a London magician who has worked all over the world. He has been hired by a number or large corporate companies to make their parties memorable, companies such as Apple and Sony. If you want to make your party or wedding memorable, get in touch with Oliver today.