What Makes Magic, Magical

Ask anyone and they should be able to tell you something that they love about their job (hopefully). If this isn’t the case, then you should probably consider changing careers. However, we know someone who does love their job, so we asked Oliver B what is so special about performing magic.

When we met Oliver, the first thing that made us curious was how he got into magic. After hearing his story, we couldn’t wait to ask some more questions.

When we asked what he enjoyed so much about being a magician in London, he told us that one of the things he loved most was the reaction to each performance. As we know, many magicians aspire to make it big and be known, making it onto the TV and big shows, but Oliver B tells us that he loves small and intimate shows. You might ask why? Because, according to our favourite magician, they allow him to make a connection with the audience or with the person who he is performing for and the reaction is so much more satisfactory. All you have to see is the look on their face when you pull off that trick that you have been practising for months. Shock, laughter and confusion followed by a flood of questions. This is something you just don’t get with larger audiences.

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Oliver B – London Magician

Two shows are never the same. This is probably one of the most common concerns when it comes to our jobs. They can be repetitive; dare I say boring, even, but not when you’re a magician. Yes, you perform the same tricks sometimes, but you deal with different people every day, in different locations and in different environments. Your job is to create magical moments and remind people that we shouldn’t take life so seriously sometimes. Oliver B, magic-ing us back to when we were young.

It’s all about provoking emotion, sharing knowledge, and creating magical moments for the people who are watching you.

London Magician

What Makes Magic, Magical – Oliver B – London Magician

Oliver B’s advice for us? Love what you do and you will always be a success.

Looking for a magician to perform at your next event? Oliver B is a magician in London who has performed all over the world. Oliver has performed for a range of large corporate companies including Sony and Apple. He is guaranteed to make your next event something you definitely won’t forget in a hurry!