Magic Tricks For Kids

September can often be a miserable month for kids, mainly because it is the month that the school holidays draw to a close and school starts again. Although we can’t make the thought of school any more appealing, we can try and cheer you up a bit by teaching you some magic. London magicians like Oliver B are experts at performing magic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a go at harnessing the spirit of magic for yourself.

We’ve decided to teach you five simple magic tricks that you can show to your friends and family. So let’s get straight to it!

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Magic Trick for Kids! Oliver B – London Magician

It’ll Cost You

Preparation: To start with, you will need a coin of some sort, a piece of tinfoil that is slightly bigger than the coin of your choice, and a small square of paper (big enough to fully cover the coin). Place the tinfoil over one side of the quarter and around the rim, and gently press down on the foil to set the coin’s impression on it. Remove the coin and then cut off any excess foil that may be remaining.

Trick: Place the foil coin in the palm of your hand and show your audience; tell them that you’re going to make it disappear. Place your piece of paper over the top of your foil coin and wave your magic wand or say your magic words, whatever you need to do before you remove the paper. Once you have removed the paper and the audience can see that coin has definitely not disappeared, you apologise and tell them you will attempt the trick again. When the trick doesn’t work again, apologise to the audience and crumble the paper and the foil into a tiny ball, making sure that the paper covers the foil so it looks like the quarter has been crushed.

A Magic Touch

Preparation: You will need an aluminium pie plate. Fill your pie plate with just enough water to cover the bottom. Arrange four cocktail sticks in a square in the middle of the pie plate, make sure that the tips of the sticks overlap so that they stay together and don’t float away. Get yourself another cocktail stick and dip one end of it in washing detergent.

Trick: Gather your audience around the plate, which could be on the table or on the floor. Tell your audience that you will fill a cocktail stick with your ‘magical power’ and use it to make the sticks separate. Take out your cocktail stick that you dipped in detergent, say your magic words and then put the soap-dipped end of your cocktail stick in the middle of the square. the soap on the stick will cause the sticks that are in a square to separate in the water.

The Quick Switch

Preparation: Sit at a table in front of your audience with a piece of paper. Rip off two little pieces, each bit bigger than your finger nails. Tape a piece of paper to one fingernail on each hand and tell your audience you’re going to make the paper disappear and reappear.

Trick: Place your two fingers with the paper on them on the table. On at a time, put your hand behind your back, quickly switching fingers and placing a finger with no paper on it back on the table. Repeat this with the other hand. tell your audience that you will now bring the paper back. Repeat the first step, this time replacing the fingers without paper with the fingers with paper.

The Fall Down

Preparation: This is the hardest trick to get rid and requires a good amount of practice before you are able to perform infant of an audience. You will need a tea towel, a plastic cup and a small, flat eraser. Sit at a table and have your audience on the other side.

Trick: Place your eraser on the table and cover it with the cup; then place the tea towel over the top. Lift both the cup and the tea towel to reveal the eraser, and ask your audience to concentrate on it. Whilst they are concentrating on the eraser, discreetly drop the cup into your lap, but continue to hold the tea towel as if the cup were still there. Then put the towel back over the eraser and smash your hand down on it; at the same time, drop the cup from your lap to the floor. Lift the towel to show that the eraser is still there but that the cup has fallen through the table!

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Oliver B – London Magician

If you are interested in hiring London magicians, get in contact with Oliver B today! He has performed all around the world at a range of different events for a variety of large corporations including Apple and Sony.