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We get it. Planning a wedding is super stressful, therefore we forgive you if thinking about magic and magicians isn’t top of your priority list when planning a wedding. However the entertainment of your wedding is going to be very important and if you want your wedding to stand out from the crowd then why not do something different.

Magicians are becoming more and more popular for wedding entertainment. Here are a couple of reasons why you should definitely consider hiring one.

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Oliver B – Wedding Magician London

Gap Filler

Sometimes at a wedding, guests can be left to their own devices or left waiting around for the evening do to get under way. It’s inevitable that at some point in the day there will be a gap that needs to be filled. This is the perfect time for a magician to go from group-to-group, entertaining guests with some mind blowing magic. By doing this the normally quieter parts of the day become some of the best bits!

Ice Breaker

Magic is the perfect way to get people who have never met before talking. Due to seating arrangements, it’s not also possible to put your guests on a table where they know everyone. Hiring a wedding magician acts as the perfect ice breaker, whilst also filling in any gaps in between courses.


Most magicians are flexible with the way they work, therefore they can practically slot in to any venue or situation with ease. If you want a magician to adjust their act to meet your needs and requirements that’s fine! All you have to do is ask. In most weddings, a wedding magician could be mistaken for a regular guest who has an exceptional talent. Wedding magicians arrive as a magician and leave as a friend.

Magic is Fun

A top quality magician is not only able to perform great tricks; they are also able to get everyone involved in the trick whilst being charismatic. A magicians act will normally be much more than just magic, the way they perform the trick is just as important and often magicians will incorporate some comedy. Magic and comedy, sounds like the perfect recipe for any wedding.

Once in a Lifetime

Not many people have seen magic live before, and very few people have seen a world class magician before. Therefore seeing a world class magician is something that they are never going to forget. Having a world class magician at your wedding will make your special day truly unforgettable for all involved.

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Hire Oliver B Today! – Wedding Magician London

Oliver B – Wedding Magician London

Oliver B is a wedding magician who has performed all over the world and along the way he has performed for some rather impressive names such as Jon Bon Jovi and Simon Cowell. Oliver is able to adapt his act to suit your requirements as well as bring people together who have never met before. If you’re interested in hiring a wedding magician, contact Oliver B today.

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