Do You Believe In Magic?

Sometimes, we encounter things in life that we really don’t have an explanation for and sure, sometimes that can really freak us out! We put ‘odd’ things down to coincidence, and we convince ourselves that whilst certain experiences seem spooky, we must be imagining them. Then, we put these things to the back of our minds, cast aside as something we don’t quite have a box for!

There’s something really exciting about mystery and intrigue though, and most people have to admit that there really is nothing quite like the feeling of Goosebumps when you start to think that something might be a little… supernatural. Even the most rational among us have to confess to being caught out by this at least once in a while!

Do you believe in magic? It’s a question that so many of us would dismiss, solely because of the connotations attached to it – so many images of witchcraft and spells! A lot of people think the notion is ridiculous, and in all fairness, pointing a magic want to curse someone and all that jazz actually kind of is. Luckily, a modern magician doesn’t deal in incantations and all that stuff though, so really, we think it’s something you can jump on board with.

Oliver B has performed for literally every type of person you can imagine, from the most corporate of business people, right through to the glitziest celeb. These are people who might imagine that they’ve seen everything – and to be honest, compared to some of us, they probably have! However, whether you’re your average Joe or the most famous person in the world, we’ve yet to see anyone who fails to be impressed by the illusions performed for them right in front of their very eyes. Is it ‘real’ magic? Well no, not in the Harry Potter sense of the word. But yes, it’s truly magical, and that’s all that really matters.

Even the most active propagators of skepticism can’t deny that something pretty special happens when they watch a modern magician like Oliver B at work. You’ll probably expect to see something pretty cool, but that’s somewhat of an understatement. The more arrogant among us would be insistent that they’ll be able to figure out exactly how it’s executed; but once all is said and done, they’re left blown away, and completely spellbound.

The trick isn’t to believe in magic. It’s to be open to believing.

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