Why Magic is the Talent that Keeps on Giving?

If you’ve been settling yourself in for night on the sofa every Saturday night you may have noticed that Britain’s Got Talent is back on our TV screens once again.
Showcasing the talent that we’ve got here in the UK, and even bringing some of the traveling talent from far-way destinations, no matter your opinion on Simon Cowell and his popular culture machine, you can’t deny the fact that the show is pure entertainment.
It’s easy to find yourself giggling along to the out of tune bathroom singers, or rooting for the dance troop who’ve found freedom from gang violence, but one thing that never fails to hit the mark is magic!
I’ve performed for Simon Cowell many times in my career and if there’s one thing I know that can make an impression on the king of showbiz, it’s a something that will create shock and awe. And let’s be honest, nothing does that quite like magic.
Of course you’ll think I’m biased but when you watch the magicians take control of the stage, and capture the audience, it can be a hold your breath moment. Because nobody knows what’s going to happen next.
Their unsuspecting and casual demeanour can throw audiences off the scent, as their expectations to be wowed are left entirely in the hands of the one man-band in front of them. But then with a simple trick, the audience are thrown into applause, and complete disbelief at what’s happened before their very eyes. Magic pushes the boundaries and creates a feeling that quite anything is possible…because it is!
With common forms of entertainment such as singing and dancing, it can often only appeal to certain people, but magicians inspire the young, and baffle even the brainiest.
My job is to ignite the imagination of every single person in the room and make it a memorable moment no matter the occasion. Whether it’s street magic or at a big event, everyone can feel included, and leave questioning everything they ever thought they knew.
You can listen to a singer or watch a dancer, but when it comes to magic, the audience is involved in the experience and each sense is harnessed.
We all like to feel part of the fun, which is why now more than ever magic is increasing in popularity, and more magicians are taking to the stage to show the judges exactly what they’re made of.

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