Back At The Brit Awards!

Oliver B is now renowned for performing to just about anyone and everyone. However, sometimes, he gets to do some extra special stuff and appear in front of some pretty prestigious audiences! For the third year now, he’s been asked back to the backstage party at the Brit Awards. Whilst any label (ahem… ‘magician to the stars’) kind of makes him cringe, he’ll entertain all audiences – the Brits being a bit of a bonus. Since it’s becoming a bit of a tradition, dare we say this is now something he’ll do annually?

In 2013, Oliver B impressed arguably the biggest pop stars of the time, the lads in One Direction, with Niall even tweeting that he ‘smashed it’, to countless millions of fans and even 21,000 retweets. Pretty huge seal of approval right there!

This year, in keeping with the whole ‘VIP’ thing, Oliver B will be working his charm doing a range of table magic and crowd pleasing favourites backstage. The Brit Awards, which began in 1977 and are now in their 38th year, are known for awarding some of the biggest names in modern music across a range of genres, and hosting everyone who’s everyone in the entertainment industry.

2015 is no exception. Oliver can expect to see the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith performing for him, before he (hopefully) gets to wow them as well! Having met Ed before, perhaps Oliver B can show a few tricks to others this time – and there are an absolute ton of them to choose from. Star studded nominations this year include everyone from Beyonce to Five Seconds Of Summer, Bruno Mars to Rita Ora and just about everyone you hear on the radio in between. Hopefully they’ll be in attendance at the party and ready to be impressed!

Audiences like this are a pretty huge honour to perform magic in London for. After all, they’re people with huge followings, and they can really spread the word about Oliver B to their fans. Plus, as cultured individuals who’ve been exposed to some of the coolest stuff the world has to offer by the nature of their jobs, it’s a pretty mean feat to be able to amaze them – but it’s something Oliver B never struggles with!

This year, the event falls just a day after Oliver’s birthday so it’ll be a great excuse to party. What better way of celebrating than doing something he loves in front of some of the world’s most influential people?

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