Tips for a Magical Performance

Professional magicians will be practiced in not only the art of magic but the virtuosity of performing, one of the most important traits any magician can possess. In order to wow your audience, you need to be capable of handling a growing group, pressure and above all, criticism. Of course, there’s going to be sceptics that will do anything in their power to find flaws in your magic. However, the trick is to take it light heartedly and brush off any scepticism that may arise. Below we have compiled just a few tips associated with providing your viewers with a truly magical and wonderful performance.


Your mum may have told you that practice makes perfect; we apologise for being old fuddy duddies but she is absolutely right. Practice is the only assured way to ensure that your trick is polished and that you’re ready for a larger audience. Although it may be slightly embarrassing to mess up in front of your friends and family, it’s a great way to learn from your mistakes and improve your act. So make sure you get at least some experience performing in front of a small to medium size crowd before you venture off with the professionals.


For structure, establishing a running theme or even a story line can be a fantastic way to create a structured performance that is guaranteed to hold your audience’s interest. In addition, when crafting a structure you should always leave your best, strongest and most impressive tricks until the finale of your act. Throughout the act you should build up to this moment by gradually revealing tricks in order of strength.

This will also prevent the occurrence of an anti-climax which could actually be the downfall of your entire act. Building people’s expectations throughout the act and then introducing a simple trick at the end will not only disappoint but also lower the standards of your acts in the future, so always aim to amaze at the end of the show.


It’s important to remember that a good round of applause is not bought or negotiated; it is earned through a well-rehearsed act and a great performance. This stresses the importance of making the most of what you have and introducing new tricks to the market. Also, applause can be a number of things, not just a clap; a delighted gasp or scream can serve your magic act well and not only will it fill you with confidence, it will also show you what tricks are popular amongst your audience.

However, it is vital to remember that whilst applause can provide you with adequate reassurance, you must not get cocky; instead take everything with a humble nod or smile. Not only will this encourage your audience to clap or cheer more, it will also show them that you care more about performing and entertaining than getting credit for it.

These are just a few tips you can follow in order to impress your audience and wow your next crowd.

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