5 Tips For Becoming A Magician

Although it may look easy when done by professional close up magicians, performing magic is a difficult art to master and takes a lot of time and preparation to perfect. While London magicians seem to have every trick on-point, a lot of effort has gone into wowing you as the audience.

So, now you believe it’s time to start a magic career of your own but you’re unsure of how to go about introducing yourself to people. With this in mind, we will be taking a look at the most prized qualities and tips and tricks of being a successful magician.


If you’ve ever met a magician that doesn’t have confidence, my guess is that they weren’t all that great! Confidence and holding your head high is something that many magicians adopt in order to be able to take control of the audience and wow them with their spectacular tricks. In addition, people are more likely to fall for tricks performed by a confident individual than someone who is unsure of themselves.

Learn the Basics

You can’t move on to mastering professional tricks before having perfected the basics beforehand so spend time looking online and performing for your close friends and family members in order to get to grips with the feel of being a magician. Also, once you have mastered the simple tricks, you can incorporate these sleight of hand basics into a more advanced routine that will shock and amuse your audience.

Involve your Audience

There’s nothing worse than a magician who decides to stubbornly ignore the audience and not involve them in their tricks so make sure that if you’re performing a few tricks on the go that at least one illusion features a member of the audience. This way you can not only keep them interested but your trick may have a greater impact on viewers if you select a random individual.

Get Lost In Your Performance

Many magicians often find that they lose themselves in their performance from either having too much fun or wanting to take the trick to the next level and we suggest you do the same! Your enthusiasm and devotion to the trick will rub off on members of your audience and will get them excited for the next trick.

Keep your Head Up

If things go wrong the first, second or third time remember to keep your head up and keep trying to perfect your trick. As mentioned before, professional magicians will have undoubtedly received years of experience and practice so don’t compare yourself to the masters just yet!

These are just a few of the qualities that make up a great magician.

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